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Industrial Projects


Due to the rapid development of the computers, nearly all engineerieng disciplines have changed dramatically. The behavior of products is simulated with computers, even before a first prototype is built. Experiments are planned and evaluated with statistical methods, in order to get the optimal peformance out of the experiments. Firms give their customers software so that they can choose the right product for the application under consideration. And even in the smallest devices there is running intellgent software in order to evaluate data coming from diverse sensors. And chances and risks are calculated using sophisticated statistical methods.

Basis of all thses applications are mathematical methods and algorithms. Sometimes it is sufficient to use a standard method, but in many circumstances particular methods have to be developped, implemented and tested.

I want to help you in solving your problems ...

  • as a consultant, a coach, or a teacher of your team

  • by modelling and simulation

  • using design of experiments, DoE

  • by exploration of your data

  • by the development and implementation of methods.

Here you get information on my competences, on projects that are already finished, and I list some references.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking foreward to discuss about your problems and ways to solve them.